The JIVA KS-7700 series adopts up to Intel Core i5 CPU, RAID backup, and UPS functions with bezel-free touch screen in its streamlined and patent aluminum die casting enclosure. Accompanying with bezel-free design and slim base stand, the fashionable look conveys a sense of elegance and style. The built-in UPS function is embedded on main board developed by Posiflex for power backup. And the Fan Free structure boasts anti-dust and silent operating advantages to meet the requirements of harsh and quiet environments, respectively.
Besides, the JIVA KS-7700 series supports versatile accessories and peripherals such as wireless module, MSR, customer pole display, programmable keypad, as well as a wide range of connectivity options to meet numerous applications.
The JIVA KS-7700 series aims to fulfill the requirements of high-end segment retails.
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